Your articles have the power to wake up the zombie Danes?

You are passionate about American and international politics, the media revolution and the Trump phenomena - but that's not all - you really know how to research and write catchy articles!

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Leakslate is a news network selecting, translating and distributing the key international news about the world on a daily basis. We believe that all the important news must be translated providing everybody, regardless of language skills, with an opportunity to be updated.

Leakslate is visited more than a thousand times each week - but is ambitious about becoming a wide-reaching news network that not is translating articles, but also offers original content.

The world as we know it is changing these days. However, we don't feel this so much in little Denmark, but if you go to the US, you will know what we are talking about.

You are interested in what the next thing will be. Can't keep your eyes away from the news sites. But you also know that DR, Metroxpress and Politiken do not guarantee the truth, and this is why you also search for news stories from international publications.

Now, this becomes complex, when we talk about Trump, the upcoming election in Germany, technology censorship or fake news. But it is in your power to paint the full picture and relay your message while you involve all your readers in a simple and exciting way of expressing yourself.

Reach out to us and we will talk more about defining your unique role as a part of the Leakslate Writers team.

Don't forget: We do not focus on Danish news. We focus on the big and important news stories globally; however, if a Danish news story falls under this category, then of course we will take it into consideration.

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