Are you good at hosting? And do you want to engage in a community?

Become a volunteer in the Open Youth Youth Group!

Jernbanegade 24 B
5000 Odense C


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ÅbentSIND Youth Group is an offer for young people in Odense municipality, where we each Wednesday from kl. 18 - 21 is open in our apartment at Jernbanegade.

The youth group addresses young people with mental disorders or mental vulnerability and offers a safe community, with activities and events. We try to make room for everyone and create a community through an open mind where the young-to-young relationship is in focus.

Your host role consists of organizing activities ranging from cake baking, pool tournament and out-of-house activities. Every month we determine the Wednesday activities and the hosts so the young people know what to expect as they enter the door.

As a volunteer in Open Group, we offer you;

  • Volunteer meetings every month.
  • Sparring with coordinator and the other volunteers.
  • Offer for supervision and teaching.
  • Professional presentation, common eating, and more.

In the open-minded youth group, it is also possible to become voluntary follow-up, which is a direct young-to-young relationship, matched by the coordinator. We are currently missing volunteer followers who have the courage to follow and support young people mentally vulnerable to various sports activities, creative workshops or social communities - it's always easier when you're followed! As a follow-up, you should be able to accommodate a person with a mental vulnerability and could meet approx. once a week for 1-2 hours.

Do you want to make a difference? Create value for other people?

Or do you have the courage to build a community and thus break the loneliness of young people with mental or social challenges?

Whether in the youth group or as a follow-up - or even both?

Anyway, contact the coordinator or find us on facebook under "Open Youth's Youth Group".

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Volunteering is for everyone - encourages applicants of all genders, ethnicities, nationalities, social background, sexual orientation or religious backgrounds to apply.

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